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Hi really sad to do this but where I'm living next year won't let me take them all with me and I really need the money as starting my masters degree.

Ok so just to let you know I'm just testing the actual animals for now as the set ups cost me a fortune so need to work out how much they're worth.

Sub-adult Gold Dust Day Gecko unsure on sex but probably female

Proven Pair of Peacock Day geckos male and female (female is small but manages perfectly fine)

Female Proven Peacock Day Gecko adult.

Reasonable offers accepted as these were expensive when I bought them.

There are also setups they are in:

Gold dust set up: 30x30x30 exo terra with a canopy, heat mat, stat and uv bulb.
Pair peacocks set up: 45x45x45 exo terra with canopy, heat mat, uv bulb and night bulb and stat. Waterfall in for decoration as only a broken pump needs replacing.
Single peacock set up: 45X45X60 exo terra with canopy, heat bulb and socket, stat, uv tube and socket and another decorative waterfall without the pump.

Also have 3 timers for the lights, a large exo terra waterfall with pump and various other equipment and decorations for sale please pm me with what you're looking for and I will get back to you if I have it.

Sorry can't upload pics well on here but just look like your avarage, the gold dust is just starting to show it's bright colours, the male peacock is stunning and has a blue tail when content and a very vivid shimmery green very good size, the female is a lot duller in colour and a yellow-green smaller in size but perfectly healthy and the single female peacock is bright green and a good colour and size.

let me know, thanks
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