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Mantis for sale.

Spiny flower mantis - Pseudocreobotra wahlbergii. 1 adult male, 1 pre-adult female due final molt. £30

Orchid Mantis - Hymenopus coronatus. 1 female who requires hand feeding due to molt fall. If she makes it to next molt she will be fine. Free with purchase of both males. 2 males near adulthood (All 3 1 or 2 molt away from adulthood) £25 for both males with free female.

Giant shield Mantis - Rhombodera basalis
Missing 1 leg but will grow back next molt and doesn't affect him (accident with lid) around 4/5 instar. £10.

All come with the jars they live in.

£50 for all of them. Great for a breeding project.

Any questions just ask.

Pick up Whitehaven
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