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i have decided to have a clear out and found these stacked up in the cupboard so decided to sell them, all are in good condition unless stated,

Reptile hobbyist:
Vol.2 No.3
Vol.2 No.7
Vol.2 No.8
Vol.2 No.9
Vol.3 No.7
Vol.4 No.2
Vol.4 No.4 (missing frontcover)
Vol.4 No.6
Vol.4 No.7

The vivarium:
Vol.6 No.2
Vol.8 No.2
Vol.8 No.5

Vol.4 No.7
Vol.4 No.8

Vol.8 No.3
Vol.9 No.2

Pet reptile:
october 1997
march 1998
may 1998
december 2000

I'm looking for £3 each or will discount if more than 3 are brought, price includes postage,
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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