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Here I have my last remaining four royal pythons and the rack they lived in for sale!

Very reluctant sale, but work has picked up and I don't have the time they deserve.

All snakes eat, shed poo etc as they should!

CB08 Normal female (Proven Breeder) £200 2053g
CB09 Pastel Female (Proven Breeder) £300 1432g (was closer to 2kg)
CB12 Cinnamon Female £240 1000g
CB12 Normal Female (eats fine, just tiny!) £40 415g

Snake rack w/Dimming stat, heat mats and 30ltr tubs. £60
Beer fridge incubator (pulse stat, heat mats, fan) £70

Or if you want, £750 the lot!

Private message me for details

Or feel free to ring/text - 07922582742

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