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1:1 false water cobras (Hydrodynastes gigas). Male 6.5 ft, female 4.5
ft. £500 for pair, will consider splitting.

1:1 royal pythons (Python regius). Adult breeding pair, female
produced her third clutch last year. £220 for pair.

0:0:1 CB 2004 royal python. Offspring of female listed above.
CANNOT BE KEPT WITH OTHER SNAKES (please contact for further
info). £100.

0:0:1 CB 2007 royal python. Offspring of female listed above.
Feeding well on adult mice. £65.

0:1 amazon tree boa (Corralus hortulanus). Very large 7ft female,
brown/grey colour, produced 11 offspring last year. £120.

0:0:4 CB 2007 amazon tree boas. Offspring of female listed above.
Grey coloured with some orange on underside. Feeding well on mouse
fluffs. £65 each.

Adult male Amazon tree boa. Approximately 4 ft, yellow/orange in
color, with purple ish patterning. Good feeder and shedder, usual
Amazon temperament. £160 or nearest offer.

1:1 royal pythons (Python regius). Second adult breeding pair
available. £220 for pair.

1:0 red-tail boa (Boa constrictor). 7 ft adult with nice high-contrast
markings and red tail, feeds well and tame. £60.

6ftX2ftX2ft black plywood viv. with internal divide (can be switched to
two 3ft vivs, or used to trap snake in one half of cage while other half
is cleaned). Comes with 150W ceramic heater, reflector and guard,
and habistat on/off thermostat. £90.

4ftX2ftX2ft black plywood viv. Comes with 100W ceramic heater,
reflector and guard (no thermostat). £50.

4ftX2ftX2ft plywood viv. Comes with 60W ceramic heater, reflector
and guard (no thermostat). £50.

For further information or pictures please email
[email protected] or [email protected]. Or phone
01248 490154 or 01248490633. Location, Anglesey.

Posted by : dylan9876
Location : Anglesey
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