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Hi All,
I have a few reptile books that I have bought over the years (mostly from Jerry Cole when I used to help out at his facility) that I am interested in selling. They are all in mint unread condition unless specified. I will list some in this ad and some more in another to follow. They are:

Tales of Giant Snakes: A natural history of Anacondas and Pythons - Henderson and Murphy First Edition £30

Pythons of the World: Volume 1 Australia Barker and Barker First Edition - now out of Print (very good, almost as new condition) I am open to offers Secondhand on Amazon at the moment $250 -$300 New $450.

Reproductive Husbandry of Pythons and Boas Ross and Marzec First Edition - now out of Print On Amazon at $65 -$160 for secondhand - would like £40 for this.

Australian Snakes Richard Shine - First Edition - now out of Print £25
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