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Hey i'll be sad to my chamelion go but due to a house move and my marine tank taking all my time i feel he would be better in the hands of someone that has the time to look after him

Hes healty eats well and has fantasic colouration he doesnt really like being handled though but im sure you all know this its a great looking tank with all of the accessories hes 6-8 months old and comes with neutrobol and various other bits and peices including all of the accessories below

The cage is 4'H x2'D x2'L It comes with
plenty of climbing branchs
Plenty of plants
Exo terra Humidifier
70w Megaray Uv light
2x 60w green heat lamps with a dimmer stat
2x18w spare 5.0 uv lights
Electronic humidity gauge


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