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I am currently looking to see if there is any interest in a venomous handling course, which would be run in the field in India and certified by a recognised and licensed European Zoo.

This course would be aimed at both those looking to work in the field of herpetology and for those who keep venomous in captivity.

The preliminary plan is to run the course in early December of this year, approximately ten days in the field. It would be run by both Gerry Martin (The Gerry Martin Project, National Geographic) and myself, James Hennessy, Zoo Director of The National Reptile Zoo.

This course would be very comprehensive, using both pre-caught specimens in a controlled environment and dealing with wild specimens in their natural environment. We may also add some crocodilian work into the course too, depending on the interest level.

No prices or dates have been settled upon yet, but if you think it's something you might be interested in, then drop me an email to [email protected].

Due to the nature of the course it would be restricted to over 18s. Consideration may be given to younger people if they are travelling with their parent or guardian.


James Hennessy
Zoo Director
The National Reptile Zoo
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