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Guys this is a second post on this so mods please delete previous.

I have a bin bag brimming with expensive silk plants which is for sale? looking for offers on these they cost me near on £200 but they are used so not wanting much for these a good offer will get you these if you can collect this week?? pictures are in my album some of the plants are on show in the walk in viv.

Again i have various bits of bog wood for sale.

I have a large piece about 3ft long and 1 and a half feet high its very heavy and has lots of holes for your snakes/lizards to climb through. this cost £80 to buy and is very heavy no picture of this piece but will get one if anyone is interested. Offers welcome buyer must collect.

x2 5ft pieces of bog wood very very heavy cost me £100 for each of these and are on show in my album in the walk in viv again wanting offers and buyer must collect!

1x 3 foot stumpy log with holes very heavy again and this also cost me £80 open to offers and yet again buyer must collect!

this isnt cheap tat nor just cut down from the woods i spared no expense on my set up and now moving to vision vivs so no need for any of my decorative stuff anymore!

The walk in viv in the pictures is still for sale and any offer will be accepted providing it is sensible or will sell everything together if you so wish??

These must go quickly as moving to Birmingham very soon.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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