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2009 male Vietnamese Blue Beauty. 10-feet long. Not friendly, viv defensive, but civil once out, if he doesn't feel cornered. Needs a mature understanding keeper that will give him a suitable large home somewhere quiet.

2012 male Vietnamese Blue Beauty. 6-feet long. Not friendly, viv defensive, but OK once out. Offspring of the chap above. Imperfect, and flattens out the wrong way when he's angry. Needs someone to love him despite being an idiot.

2010 male Ridley's Cave Racer. Perfect in every way. Bred in Germany by Hans-Georg Prziwara. Fantastic example, great temperament though he will see you off from his viv.

All snakes £100 each, though price is negotiable for the right homes. You must already have a suitable set up and be comfortable handling fiesty snakes.

Questions welcome.


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