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3 x grey vision vivariums for sale.

2 x size 36" x 23" x 21" (LxDxH)
1 x size 28" x 24" x 24"

Just in case you have never come across these vivs before.........

Good condition - FANTASTIC vivs. Will last a life time. Made from light weight high grade plastic. Very easy to clean and disinfect - easy to take out side and hose down if you wish!!!

Vision Vivariums are known for there safe and hygienic environment. Because of the materials used and the way they are constructed, there is NO chance of urine and feces effecting the structural integrity (as you see so often in wooden/laminate counterparts - which in turn makes them smelly and prone to harbor disease and parasites).

£150 each ono

First come first serve.

I am located near Ruthin, Denbighshire, North Wales - for collection.

Or.... I can arrange a courier service at your cost - which ever is more convenient for you.
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