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We have to offer for sale 4mm glass runners in black + white

Only £1 per foot for top and bottom runners plus postage.

6mm Black Runners are only £1.20 Per Foot Including Top and Bottom.

These Teak Runners Are £1.10 per Foot. Top and Bottom Included!

Air vents (70mm dia.3" ) in Brown, Light Brown,Black and White these are 60p each plus postage.

Rubber Wedges,

Pack Of 6 rubber wedges Only £2.50


Postage On handles Only is as Follows,

For 1-3 sets Postage is £0.50p
Every Other set an Extra £0.20p

If these are ordered with other items the no extra postage is charge on top of the flat rate.

Flat Rate Postage for all Items regardless of quantity ordered is £3.99
Postage Upgrades are available.

Designs may vary from those pictured.

Any queries please don't hesitate to contact us via Pm or email at [email protected]

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