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I have three *I think* vivariums for sale, one is 48x18x18 possibly 19x19 as it was home made by a friend and I seem to remember it stood slightly higher than shop bought ones, it's in a pine coloured wood, has a 8" shelf at the one end, has holes for UV and basking bulb already, was last used for my bosc before he needed more space, needs a bit of silicone just to reattach the glass runner at the one end as it's a bit lose other than that good condition and will certainly do the job intended. 4o.oo

24x18x18 in limed oak, was shop bought but has had lots of use, the usual knocks and scuffs but still in good working order, would benefit a good clean up, has holes for UV, basking, etc. 3o.oo

now this is the one that I can't remember exact size will check tomorrow but i think it's about 24x20highx15deep, shop bought again in superb condition only for sale as it doesn't fit the size of any of my other vivs they are all either 18x18 or 24x24 so no 'space' for it in the stack 35.oo in a piney colour with silver runners.

and I think also I have a 24x18x18 homemade but made well by a friend, the wood is slightly thicker than the usual contiboard/melamine so well reinforced, again basking and UV holes already there, 35.oo
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