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Technokit Solar Rainbow Maker. Brand new, boxed. £10 posted

"Create hundreds of real rainbows every time the sun shines with the solar powered Technokit Rainbow Maker.

This easy to assemble kit of a solar rainbow comes with full colour instructions and everything you need to make rainbows in your room. Attach the Solar Rainbow Maker to a sunny window and watch the rainbows dance when the sun activates the solar powered motor, turning the glass crystals.

This solar rainbow maker is one of our best selling educational toys

For ages 6+"

Wild Science Bath Bomb Factory. Brand new and boxed. £12 delivered (heavy item).

The Bath Bomb Factory is another part of the new Wild Science range. Created especially to encourage children to explore scientific principles in a creative and challenging way. This kit contains everything you need to make your own scented bath bombs, phunny phoam and magic tricks. Its up to you to invent new and amazing mixtures including Marbleised Bombs, The Haunted Balloon, Closet De-ponger, Bathroom Volcano Mix, Suck and Spit Thingy, Soda Powered Submarine and loads loads more. There is enough material in the kit to repeat the fun over and over again. At the same time, you will learnbeing a scientist, Problem Solving, Magic trick planning, Acid based reactions, Formulating hypotheses, Fire extinguisher science. Suitable for 8 years and over.

Paypal only please guys :) Take both for £20 delivered.
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