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Hi guys Im still looking for the following to add to my personal collection...I AM NOT a breeder or dealer and these animals will be guarenteed a caring and loving home with experienced keepers.

Frilled Dragon.........

Mexican Black Kingsnake

Usumbara orange baboon tarantula

Orb spider

Wolf spider

Carpet Python

Common Boa

Taiwan beauty ratsnake

Brazilian Black tarantula

egyptian uro

tokay gecko

leopard gecko

Albino texas rat snake

rhino beetle

Stag beetle

Emperor scorpion

Giant millipede

Thats the list for starters!!! Now without being rude, I do realise that I could go to a shop and buy a lot of my wanted list but we are unable to pay a great amount as some shops charge!!! So we can pay a reasonable amount or take in any unwanted stock that u may have....

Please either contact me through here, email me at [email protected]t or contact me through msn on [email protected]

thanks for reading

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nice email address' :lol:
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