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have been dieing to get my mits on this fasinating gecko for ages!

And now i have to wait i little while longer as due to issues with money will have to wait until next saturday but this is the deadline for all offers as i will be buying them from the shop on this day if have got no offers.

I have been offered by a local rep shop to buy 2 they have just got in but they are charging £60 for the pair!!! and to be honest I'm not keen on the shop its self so would prefer to buy from a breeder.

I have been keeping reptiles since the age of 11 and have been offered jobs by numerous pet/herp shops in the area so worries of them been not cared for is unnessory i have a tank set up with live plants and it has been established for some time.

I will need to be pm'ed before friday but will collect after this time if necessary i am willing to pick up if near by or will meet halfway but you have to be in a reasonable distance.

Thanks, Alec: victory:
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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