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Hey all thought this would be a good place to ask. Im currently on the hunt for a breader and/or supplier of geckos from stenodactylus family. Their the cutest lil geckos i've ever seen tho trying to find a breader/supplier is becoming stupidly hard and very frustrating. They go by many names usual that of the sand gecko or elegant gecko they and are soooo tiny. Saw some a few years back now and fell in love with them but couldnt get any however now im in a situation where i can keep them so im on the hunt hehe.

Im living in Stoke-on-trent area and am willing to travel or do somthing (though hant got a car).

email is [email protected] tho i will be checking in here as it looks a cool place

thanks in advance for all your help
Jay (spike)
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