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Just wanted to let all of you know this i have just recieved from another forum
Was emailed this...please tell as many people as you can.

hi all,
I've been made aware of a scam going on via some of the web classifieds sites and wanted to let you all know to try and prevent others losing out.
the message:
Don't know if you will be able to publish this to other members but would like to warn as many people as possible about a scam. There is a guy called Mark Machea who advertisers on the Pre Loved websight selling Stats and other equipment as if he has just stopped keeping herps. I got scammed out of £50 as he does not send out the things people buy. He also stopped ansering e mails and his phone as soon as money has been given. I have noticed from Googling his name he has done this several times in the past often advertising Herp equipment, and is also a convicted theif with a long history of crime relted to drug use. He is currently advertising with the very same advert under a different name on the same sight. His name is Mark Machae, the contact number he gave me was 0788 25 18 756, and he is based in Worcester. I would advise everyone to not send any checks etc and only pay through paypall etc even though he is very convincing on th e phone.
PLEASE pass this on to as many people as you can to avoid others been ripped off.
Thanks for reading
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