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Finally picked up a Corn for my daughter's birthday who'd been hassling me since summer!

Absolutely chuffed, all of us to be honest. Even some members of the family who weren't too keen. He/She (not sure which but she's named him Thomas), is as really tame adult, loves being handled and is around 4.5ft long. We went for the adult because we thought any nip early on would put her right off.

We were sorted out by Barry at North West exotic pets in New Brighton (Wallasey). Really helpful and the place was abolutely spotless. I'm not sure exactly what type (didn't ask in our excitement) he is but must be some form of albino as the eyes are pink.

I'll post a pic up soon, but would just like to thank everyone for the fantastic advice we've been given for everyone here - It's an education just reading some of the threads.

Once again, thanks people.

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