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Hi people! :)

Looking for a bit of advice regarding my wee Hermann. She (we think?!) is about 2-2.5 years old, approx. 3.5 inches long, 170g & living by herself in a tort table.

Recently her tail spur came off. I don't think there's any way she could have injured herself or caught it on anything. We're very careful with her & the only time she's alone is in the table where's there's nothing she can catch herself on.

She didnt seem bothered by the experience at all. We noticed it was hanging off one night but there was no wound or anything and the tail looked normal otherwise. If I touched it she didn't flinch or show any sign of discomfort. The next day when I checked it was gone. I checked her for any sign of infection but other than the missing spur, everything is fine, her tail is back to normal - although she does seems to tuck it in now. Her behaviour hasn't changed over the last few days, she's still eating & charging around her table wrecking the place, as before.

Has anyone heard of this?? I'm assuming it won't grow back??

Thanks, andy
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