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Ewww !! Bet you stand back when feeding now! 😄

I've started drop feeding Johann (the mexmex). He simply gets way to excited when he see's the tongs. Starts launching himself out the vivarium to try and get the mouse and all sorts. Kinda scared he'll hurt himself.
So now I quickly make scent trails around his viarium with the mouse and then place it somewhere for him to find. It's slow work to encourage him to go looking for it, but less likly to get burst mouse I've notice, if he takes it himself. If I need to wiggle it then get it's burst.
Yeah they can come firing out like roman candles sometimes 😂😂

My big girl hit the tongs a couple wks back & kept hold of them. When she pulled herself back into her viv & let go of them, she had twisted her bottom jaw 180 degrees & got her bottom lip caught on one of her top teeth. Luckily no broken teeth & she still pigged her rabbit down!
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