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I recently rescued an adult bullsnake that was abandoned in someone's apartment for who knows how long. I got him in January, and he was incredibly underweight. His spine stuck out 1/4", and you could literally see all his ribs down his body. However, he eats like a champ, and I started feeding him an adult mouse every-other day for the first month, then switched to small rats every 4 days since then (about February). He has gained weight, shed 4 times, and still eats like a garbage disposal.

My question is, when should stop powerfeeding, and cut back to once a week? I've received several opinions, from "you can cut back now", to "wait until he looks like a loaf of bread" (they're referring to him being big enough to see two lumps on his back like the top of a loaf of bread).

He has become the nicest snake I own, and has done several educational programs with me to boy scouts and such! I certainly lucked out with Janet (we thought he was a female until we got him probed).

The day we got him:

And now, 5 months later:
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