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Well this one goes down under learning curve I think.....

Went to my local pet shop to pick up my weekly Fuzzy for my Corn.

Unfourtunatly they had none but said that i could have a rat pup instead as they were only slighly bigger.

I tool one, and a couple of pinkies just in case it was too big for Basill.
I defrosted all three and got his feeding box ready.

Out he comes waders round for a bit as he does, i pick up the rat pup and he stikes it like a good en, so far so good.

As he munches on the rat pup, i think it would be a good idea to take a few pictures, i get the camera and as i am about to snap the demise of the rat pup the phone goes.....

Well as i am chatting the rat pup dissapears and Basill has a wander round, he spots the pinies, also put in there just in case he wouldn't tackle the rat pup, well he was on them like a flash and before you could say boo they had both gone.

So the greedy little bugger had a rat pup and two pinkies for tea.

I think that may jsut do him for a bit longet than a week.

Is it ok to leave him say 10 days till next feed (presuming he keeps it all down) and change his feeding day? or is he ok to have a blow out this week and get back to normal next week?


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i would leave him 2 weeks then continue with his weekly feed, but if he is still out looking for more then it may be time to put him onto 2 every week,
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