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I am based in London. I am checking if anyone can get following species. I have some of them when I was living in Asia but now it belongs to my parents' home. While I moved to UK I was missing the time of having those species but wondering if you can get these species from your breeder network.

Wood Turtle - Glyptemys insculpta
Reptile Nature Organism Terrestrial animal Turtle

Chinese box turtle - Cuora flavomarginata
Reptile Organism Terrestrial animal Tortoise Turtle

Keeled box turtle - Pyxidea mouhotii
Reptile Organism Turtle Tortoise Terrestrial animal

I am currently have a tortoise console bought from Hagen Vivexotic and can convert to half-water turtule environment. I have auto therm/hydro-dimming and programmed and fully covered with UVB/Ceramic and Misting system. I love to have exotic specices and very eager to have them again. Thanks
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