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Havent had the problem myself [atleast not with pieces in vivs..obviously ive experienced wood rotting at some point lol]
All i would guess is that where the [ieces in question are isnt very warm, so they dont dry, rather they are holding moisture and rotting.

I know you need the humidity but focus more on pieces nearer the basking lights etc, and not low on the ground [unless u have undertank heating or ground very near bask as would still be warm maybe depending on hieght of ur viv]

You could also focuss more on spraying the plastic plants etc, as they wont rot.

Basically the idea is that heat causes water to evaporate into the air and raises the humidity, no good if its cold, will just cause damp air which is quite different.
Wood only rotts if left damp.
So basically, the best thing you could do is take out the suspect bits of wood, clean them and leave them to dry [sumwhere warm as possible]
If ur gona put them in a very warm part of the viv they can go back in whilest wet without a prob, infact will do a good job raising the humidity.
Just reset out the viv so the bits u wana mist are in warmest locations, or just leave viv as it is and spray more on some bits and less on others, you get the idea anyway.

Hope u solve the prob

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