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Yamaha SU10
Digital Sampling Unit


  • Record and replay up to 48 stereo waveforms
  • Maximum sampling rate is 44.1kHz
  • Or select a lower sampling rate to increase available sampling time - to a maximum of 54 seconds
  • Set playback direction, loop type, and pad action separately for each sample
  • Set arbitrary start, end, and loop points
  • Adjust relative playback volume
  • Assign arbitrary MIDI note numbers to your samples
  • Finger-driven Ribbon Controller
    • Control the filter cutoff frequency
    • "Scratch" out a sound segment
    • Slide the pitch
    • Control crossfading of local playback and external input
    • Works with SU10 playback and on realtime input from:
      • CD player
      • microphone
      • or other Sound source
  • HOLD selected samples, or play samples in REVERSE.
  • SCALE mode to set a single sample to play at incremental pitches along the console.
  • FILTER modes to apply filtering to local playback or realtime throughput
  • Sequencing functions stores up to four sample-replay sequences as independent "songs"
  • Song and sample replay can be used together so you can set up a song as a background, then play samples on top of it
  • MIDI bulk dumps to back up all data to external storage
  • Drive the SU10 from a remote keyboard or sequencer, or drive a remote tone generator from the SU10
  • Assign arbitrary note numbers to your 48 samples, and an arbitrary controller number to the ribbon controller
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