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I have a year old bosc monitor for sale. This is a tough desicion to part with him/her, just getting to an interesting size (2ft including tail).
I was given the bosc (bob) when he was a hatchling because the lad who owned him/her didn't like the hissing. Bob was also housed incorrectly so I couldn't say no...
After researching boscs on line I realised they can get pretty large, requiring a 6 x 3 x 3 viv minimum, this is my reason for the sale of Bob. Other than this he/she is a great example, Bob eats like a pig on anything, likes to be stroked but not keen on being picked up.
I will only sell Bob to an experienced keeper, who understands the specific requirements of a bosc monitor.
Bob does not come with his set up as he/she needs a bigger one.
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