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Unfortunatly, due to money reasons i have to sell my bearded dragon :(
He is one year old, male and feeding very well. He is on a diet of large black crickets / hoppers, vegetables and occasionaly pinkie mice.

He is very healthy and has a beautiful color. roughly he is 12'' from head to tail.
Included in the sale will be a 4ft long oak effect vivarium which will have lighting, the heat lamp, heat mat, a basking rock and substrate all included.

If you are interested the numbers to call are :

01752 789774

I am asking £150 for the lot, which when you think about it is a good deal considering the lizards themself cost over £100 and a vivarium this size also costs over £100.
All i ask for is that he goes to a loving home.

Cheers people :) i look forward to hearing from you...
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