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Originally Posted by Reptgal View Post
i have all my reptiles on heat mats, including my beardies. i disagree with the comment that they burn, heat rocks should never be used as they do burn the animal because they come into direct contact with it. but you can place your heat matt under an inch or so of substrate. it will not burn them like the rocks, they are also not stupid and do move when they get too hot. they do require a night time drop but i turn off their basking light and UVB light, and keep their mat on. if they cant keep their body temperature up, they will become tired and lose their appetite. remember they cant keep themselves warm like us :/
Problem with it being under an inch or so of substrate, is that most of the heat will be blocked anyway. That's more of a fire/burn risk. If it's loose substrate there's every chance that they will come into contact with it when digging around.

They sense heat from above, not so good at detecting heat from below, hence the risk of burns. Once they realise how hot it is, they may already have caused damage.

Why do we allow them to thermoregulate if they prefer being warm? They only require short periods of being warm before going off and doing their thing in cooler temperatures. They have no need to be warm at night and actually it's detrimental to their health.

Heat mats are unnecessary for beardies.
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